RentMaster Survey Results

Thanks very much to all those people who chose to take part in the resent RentMaster Survey.  Survey results are here

Here are some of the key findings.

– Most people are very satisfied with what the software does and how it runs.

– 98% of you would recommend this software to your friends.  A very satisfying result.

– Most people use only a very small number of the overall features.  Most features people have never used.  Either people dont need them, or they dont know they exist.  A tutorial CD might help.  Although I think this is quite common with most software.  For example in a word processor, you really only need to open, save, print and maybe spell check.  But most word processors can do a whole lot more.  With RentMaster most people can get by with just the cashbook and reports.

– There were a lot of improvement suggestions which was fantastic.  Some of those changes have been made in version 8.0.  Some of the change requests actually already exist, but the person must not have been aware of it.  Some changes have gone in the too-hard or outside-the-scope bins, and others may come in future releases.

To view the full survey results, go to

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