usage statistics

The web site has 3 login areas.  One is for tenants, one is for landlords, and the third is for the property manager.

I collect a very small amount of general statistics about the usage of these 3 web sites.  Those statistics indicate that the people who are really benfiting from the web site the most are the landlords.  Even though there are far more tenant logins than landlords, the landlords login get used about twice as much as the tenant login.

On reflection this is probably not that surprising.  The tenants generally know how much rent they have paid and when, because it is themselves who have paid it.  However the landlords are a bit more in the dark about which of their tenants have paid and when.  So the landlord login is the one which take them out of the dark and answers their curiosity.  Without the use of these landlords would probably either wait until their end of month statement arrives or they would make a phone call to the property manager to find the same information.

Property managers probably have even less use for their login.  There are even less property managers than than landlords, and they mostly have access to the software on their desktop computers.

The amount of statistics I gather is just the number of people that log in each day.  It does not record who logs in or when or which company they belong to.

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