New in 8.2 – Inspection letter printing settings

When you use the property inspections facility, you can print a letter which is sent to the tenant to tell them when their next inspection will be taking place.  This works very similar to receipt printing, in that it uses the mail merge facility to generate the printed document.

When printing either a receipt or inspection letter, you get a prompt asking where you want to send the document i.e to printer or email.  You also have the option to tell the system to not prompt again, and to always use the current settings in future.  However with the receipt, you can turn the prompting back on again if you want to change the default settings, but inspection printing did not have that facility.  So in version 8.2 you can now go to the mail merge facility, then go to the file menu and choose Inspection Letter Printing to change the default settings or to get it prompting again during each print.

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