Coming in 8.5 – Inportant Notifications

Sometimes important updates are made to the software.  A new mechanism is being added to the next version of RentMaster which will make communicating these notifications to you, the customer, quicker and easier.  Email is too slow, and often gets blocked or ignored.

The new mechanisn is to use the existing Blog reader which is already inbuilt into the software.  When an important blog post arrives, this message will be shown in a large font in the middle of the screen.  It will also still be visible via the normal web based blog screen or via the blogs on the Events screen.  Not all blog entries will be shown as an important notification, only the really important ones.

In order to see thse notifications, you need to have the blog reader turned on.  To check the status of the blog reader, go to the General menu group and choose Events.  The blog reader is the last item on the left.  The ability to turn the blog on and off is shown in the lower right corner.

Use of this mechanisn will be used sparingly.  Normal software updates will most likely not use this mechanism, although they will still get a normal blog entry.


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