Coming in 8.5 – Quick SMS/TXT message sending

Sending of SMS or TXT message directly from RentMaster has been available for a while.  Not it just gets easier.

On the tenant and owner details screens, the Link To button at the bottom has been extended to sending SMS messages.  This means that it will preselect the tenant or owner you were currently on, and put you on the screen ready to start typing your message or selecting an existing message.

For this to work you need to have already set up your SMS account with, and the owner or tenant needs to have a mobile phone number set up.  If either of these 2 things have not been done, the procedure will go as far as it can, and then stop.

(As an aside, why did they have to call it SMS in some countries, and TXT in other countries?  It makes life difficult for software developers, and probaby for others too.  But that is probably a whole different discussion for a whole different web site).

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