Coming in v8.9 – Property Inspection Pictures Online

When a property manager takes photos of a property during an inspection, naturally you would want the property owner to be able to see these pictures.

This has now been made easier in version 8.9 with the ability for pictures to be loaded up to the web site.

To see a sample of this new feature, go to and log in with the demo login with a company name of Demo, a user name of Demo, and a password of Demo.  Then go to the Inspection Pictures menu at the top.

If you dont take any photos, or have not loaded any photos up to your web site, your login will not show this menu option.  It will only appear after the first photos has been uploaded. 

You will need to get a new copy of the upload program which will be released at the same time as version 8.9 itself.  You also need to select which pictures you want to load onto the web site.  You might have taken 20 photos, but think the landlord only needs to see 10 of them, so you get the option of selecting which ones to include.

The amount of disk space on the web site available for your photos will be limited initially to 100MB per property manager.  Each picture is automatically resized to a maximum of 800×600 pixels when it is uploaded, which creates a file size of about 0.15MB each.  This means you can load about 650 photos before you run out of your disk space allocation.  This disk space allocation will be reviewed over time and may change depending on usage patterns.

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