Coming in v9.0 – Lease Expiry Days

The expiring leases can be seen on the events screen in RentMaster.  By default they are shown when the lease is 60 days out from expiring.

In version 9.0 you will be able to specify the number of days prior to expiry that the tenant will be shown on the events screen. The default will still be 60 days.

As well as this, the same now applies to rent review dates which also  default set to 60 days but can be changed. 

The number of days prior to the property being recognised as vacant is also now changeable.  By default it is 30 days.  This means that 30 days prior to the tenancy end date the property will automatically be marked as a marketable property.  This only applies to automatic vacancy status.  If you have chosen to manually determine the vacancy status of a property, this setting will have no effect.

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