Coming in v9.3 – Multiple tenant contacts names

This has been asked for often, so it is finally here.  On the tenant details screen you can now load multiple contact names.  Each contact can have their own separate name, description, email address, home phone, work phone, mobile and fax number.

You can use this feature to store separate details for the husband and wife, as they may have different mobile and work phone numbers and email address etc.

You can also choose one of the contacts as the primary contact.  The details of the primary contact are used in the Tenant List report, as well as work order contact details, the inspection schedule report and the SMS/TXT message sending mobile number.  The email address of the primary contacts is also used when sending receipts and tenant statements.  So the primary contact works in a very similar way to the single contact details RentMaster has always had.

When you upgrade to RentMaster version 9.3, the current contact details will be automatically migrated to be the primary contact if the current tenant details contains at least one of home phone, work phone, mobile, fax or email.  If the existing tenant does not have any of these fields set, a default contact record is not created.  For people with a lot of tenants, you may notice a slow down when you run the program for the first time as the new contact records are created.

Note – a contact is not a separate tenancy.  The contact does not have a separate rent amount.  Multiple tenants with separate rent amounts would still be handled by creating multiple separate tenant records.

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