Coming in v9.9 – Filtered cashbook

The cashbook screen contains all the transaction that have occurred since you started using RentMaster.  Well almost.  It automatically returns the last 5000 transactions, which for a lot of people is still all of them.

However in version 9.9, you will be able to automatically filter the screen when it opens based on a predefined date range.  This is set on the options screen, so there is no need to select the predefined range each time.  A shorter date range will make opening the screen faster for those with a lot of transactions.  And lets face it, most of the time when you open the screen it is because you want to add new transactions, not view old ones.  The options are…

All transactions – this is the default and maintains current functionality.

This financial year

Last 6 months

This month

Last 30 days

Last 7 days

Empty list – This means the screen will open empty by default.

Regardless of which option is chosen, you can press the Filter button, and change the date range to list transactions outside the defaulted date range.  If you have multiple bank accounts, each time you switch to a different bank account the predefined date range filter is reapplied.

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