Coming in v10.0 – A series of changes

A number of small changes have been made which will be in the next release.

– On the overview screen, tenants who are closed are now excluded from the arrears screen.  Tenants who are marked as leave open for further transactions will still be included.

– Closed properties will be excluded from the list of available properties when adding new tenants.

– The Rent Paid report now prints the tenants name as well as the address.  If there are multiple tenants in the same property, each tenants rent will be shown separately.

– The window which shows when RentMaster closes now has a cancel button in case you change your mind and dont want to close it after all.  (Some people may have already chosen to hide this window).

– On the tenant details screen, you can now use the Link To button to go directly to printing the tenant history report.

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