RentMaster v10.0 has been released

Version 10.0 has arrived.

This is a milestone release for RentMaster with version 10. Who would have thought when we started back in 1997 we would still be doing it today, and still going strong. And when you consider that most of the release version numbers went up in 0.1 increments, that is a lot of releases!

You can download this update by going to the help menu inside RentMaster and choose Download RentMaster Update. If you have any problems downloading the update automatically, you can also download it manually from

Whats New?

– You can now add attachments to owners as well as tenants.

– A new option has been added to the owner details screen called ‘This owner is disbursement tax exempt’.

– When using bulk disbursements, you can now add a reference and notes using the edit button prior to committing the bulk disbursements.

– On the tenant details screen, you can press the Link To button to go directly to the Tenant History report.

– On the Overview screen, closed tenants are again excluded from the arrears tab.

– When adding new tenants, closed properties are now excluded from the list of available properties.

– The rent paid report now works off a specific tenant, if one is selected, and not the property and date range which can overlap other tenants in the same property.

– The Exit window now has a cancel button in case people change their mind and no longer want to exit RentMaster.


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